Howto batch Install OBIEE 12c (silent mode)


If you wanted to install / deploy automatically obiee systems in a datacenter/cloud you could simply run few simple commands like:``` export TEMP=/home/oracle/tmp export TEMPDIR=/home/oracle/tmp export JAVA_HOME=/home/oracle/apps/jdk1.8.0

java -jar fmw_12. \ -silent -responseFile /home/oracle/KIT/response_01_fmw_infrastructure.rsp \ -invPtrLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc

./bi_platform- -silent \ -responseFile /home/oracle/KIT/response_02_bi_platform.rsp \ -invPtrLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc \ -ignoreSysPrereqs

export ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home export BI_PRODUCT_HOME=$ORACLE_HOME/bi $BI_PRODUCT_HOME/bin/ -silent \ -responseFile /home/oracle/KIT/response_03_bi_platform_config.rsp \ -invPtrLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc \ -ignoreSysPrereqs

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[Rahul]( "") - <time datetime="2018-12-13 14:45:08">Dec 4, 2018</time>

from where to get those silent files ?
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