Using chrome/firefox programmatically for navigating a (Qliksense) website and taking screenshots


How do you know if the user interface (UI) of a website you’re developing works as it should and the site as a whole delivers the optimal user experience (UX)? Headless browsers give you a fast, lightweight way to automate high-level actions and get an idea of how well your site operates in common scenarios.

Links to Headless browers:

I found the nice clojure library etaoin for using a browser programmatically. Below my code

(ns org.redaelli.qlik-bot-navigation
  (:use [etaoin.api])
  (:require [etaoin.keys :as k])

(defn -main
  "Navigate qliksense pages and then take a screeshot."
  [& args]

  (with-chrome {} ff ;; additional options first, then bind name
	(doto ff
	  (go "")
	  ;; form login
	  (fill-multi {:username-input "REDAELLI\\matteo"
				   :password-input "MySillyPassword"})
	  (click {:tag :input
			  :type :submit})

	  (wait-visible {:class "lui-list__item lui-list__action q-li-stream"})

	  ;; enter the first stream
	  (click {:tag :li
			  :class "lui-list__item lui-list__action q-li-stream"})

	  ;; take a screenshot
	  (screenshot ( "screenshot.png")))))

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