The Interactive Internet is quite near... the new facebook chat with XMPP...


After Google with GTalk (~ 180 million users) , now also Facebook (> 400 million users ) has switched its chat protocol to Jabber/XMPP ( pdf introduction). Now you need simply a generic xmpp client (like Adium, iChat, Miranda, Pidgin) and configure Facebook, Gtalk,.. XMPP is now the de facto the Standard protocol for Instant Messaging We should not use anymore chat systems/operators that use proprietary standards like Skype, MS Messanger and Communicator, .. We are next to have an Interactive Internet: like emails that can be sent out of a domain, we’ll be able to chat with people outside our domain: with my gmail account I’ll be able to chat with facebook people !!!!!!!!!!!! The new facebook chat ( runs an OpenSource software witten in Erlang, ejabberd (commercial support at That will be also used by the next moodle 2.0. See the video “Set-up an Enterprise Instant Messaging server in 180 seconds


matteo - Feb 6, 2010

Is Yahoo also experimenting XMPP? Look at

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